Viral niche ! This is hot niche and can become viral if promoted in proper way! Everyone wants to know how opening ceremony of Olympic games will look likeā€¦. An estimated 900 million people will watch the opening ceremony on Friday night! Everything is ready for you: -OG tags added for Facebook (very clickable image that looks like video with hot title and description),can became viral easily if has lots of shares and likes on Facebook) -SEO done (keywords added in lot languages: english,spanish,portuguese,french,german,italian,arabian,chinesse,greek,turkish,dutch,etc) -Mobile optimization done Feel free to change setting the way you want,if you find it usefull for better conversions Promotion (what I think): -This is currently very hot niche and can become viral if you act fast...Two days are left from the beginning of Olympic games in Rio. -Facebook ads are the best way to promote if you have budget....This niche can become viral if lot of people like it and share it on Facebook,so after initial FB ads buy you can have organic traffic and maybe bank hard! Who knows,but it may happen!You must act quicky and promote fast! -Adsense ads are second way to promote,also Bing ads and Bidvertiser (or any other paid ads solution,because of fast traffic,but FB ads are best-in my opinion,because of viral ability) -Facebook groups and fanpages about Olympic games are way to promote if you dont have budget -Other ways are : twitter,pinterest,stumble upon (add a page to stumble-good for usa traffic),forum posting,blogging....(Dont buy traffic at Twitter,it is mainly bot traffic) If you have your own promotion method use it...Most important is that you act fast,before opening ceremony of Olympic Games,and maybe you will earn good! (I will earn too,lol-15%) I hope you will bank hard! Happy earning! If you want to ask me anything feel free to PM me! We are here to help each other!